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Making Sense

August 3, 2015

We are visual creatures. To help us emphasize this we often use phrases like, “a picture is worth a thousand words” or “seeing is believing.” When we “look” inside ourselves using a functional MRI (fMRI), we can see just how neurologically intensive our visual acuity brain regions are. Even for most of those who are visually impaired, their other senses – hearing, touch and smell – fill the visual void with dynamic spatial maps of what surrounds them. With these neurologic landscapes, we codify our status and activate the memory heuristics from which we elect our next actions.

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We see our lives through the lens of our belief systems. We are happy, safe, anxious or mad at any given moment based on how we interpret our conditions as mapped against our expectations. But beyond the emotional, our belief systems also provide the foundation on which we build who we are — both as individuals, couples, teams, companies and communities. “On the tight-wire of shared beliefs, precariously dances the human condition.”

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