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What’s your “Thing”?

September 18, 2020

What is it? Hard to know. At first, it seems vague. Perhaps just a feeling. Too far away to see, touch, or smell. But we know it exists. Or at least it could. Certainly, a possibility.

But what would it take, to clarify, to bring within range? How might it sound, to give it a name?  To define the elements that make it real. Bringing something to life and adding it to our own. 

An aspiration unearthed. Unpacked from our long list of wishes. Sorted and resorted to pick just the one. Adding in the specificity to give it form. Something that we begin to see and get to know. A new companion per se that gives us what we need to feel. A sense of purpose, of progress. A challenge worth taking; as we give to it what is reciprocally due. 

Would evoke responsibility if, we, were to name it. No turning back, once a creation is created. Certain to bring us pride. Yet never too far from worry – how would it all turn out? Only a journey together would tell. 

Why, would we do it? Take such a gamble. Aren’t times hard enough? Easier, perhaps to just endure. Take what is given and accept what we’ve been told. “Ride in the tide”, chose no destination.

Or for exactly those reasons, we reject how “things” are. And because it matters to us and perhaps to others — we decide to put a name on a “thing” that we will put it into lives, add it to our days and weeks ahead. It will be part of the history we make. The life we enrich. And the pride we restore.

2020 will be our platform. 2020 will be a year in which we will rewrite the rules by which we live and in so doing durably etch our new world. Capturing our words that clarify. Picking the words that define. Underlining the words that lead to our actions. Standing on the words that inspire. Finding and fulfilling our superpowers.

The summer is behind us, we now begin the journey toward a better 2020. Focused on just OneAmazingThing, at a time.

Join us.