One — AmazingThing

June 23, 2020

Amongst all, we are the only numerate species.  Numbers move us. They give us scale, time, proportion, price. The only thing that this is both endlessly large, and never endingly small. To master them is to fly. Yet in all, they evoke fear. Our apex invention, and as their creator we now cluster, and cower, amongst them.

“Top ten” lessons of love, life, happiness, and all else are irresistibly consumed. Rankings, percentages, probabilities, each give us a sense of place and prediction. The perception of power – the feeling of control. With numbers, we confirm our status and reinforce our security.

If we avoid the decimal and remain positive, our first stop from “nothing” to “something” has to be the number “one”.  Even though it is just the beginning, “one” can be huge. And often seems to be too much. That first step. The decision to act. To just begin.

Yet it is its simplicity, that makes “one” is a superpower.  By focusing on just “one”, we can clearly define what is needed. We can affirm the timing. Make the commitment. Check the box. Get it done.

2020 will be our platform. 2020 will be a year in which we will rewrite the rules by which we live and in so doing durably etch our new world. Capturing our words that clarify. Picking the words that define. Underlining the words that lead to our actions. Standing on the words that inspire.

Come July, we begin the journey. Focused on just OneAmazingThing, at a time.

And “after talk”… “we walk”, together.

Join us.