June 11, 2020

On one thing the whole world agrees — these are “amazing” times … yet not impressive. Hardship, sadness, loss. Fear of the microscopic and fear of the systemic. Jobs untethered to place and many simply erased. Schools not in “lock-down” but in “locked-out”. Long term inequities and injustice re-unveiled and dripping from society’s brow.

Emotions evoked that quicken our pulse, lessen our sleep. Defying description but needing to be understood, to be explained. A moment that begs for leadership, for gratitude, for empathy. Yet most are out of stock.

Our thoughts are framed with words. From these, we gather our resolve. Chart our action. Restore our autonomy. Our words provide the mental bread-crumbs, not only of our journey and history but also to a true north leading us back to our intentions when we wander. Our words are our mantra on which we take action. The shared language under which we affiliate with others. They speak to our passion. They define what we believe and what we abhor.

Regardless of all, 2020 will be our platform. 2020 will be a year in which we will rewrite the rules by which we live and in so doing durably etch our new world. Capturing our words that clarify. Picking the words that define. Underlining the words that lead to our actions. Standing on the words that inspire.

Come July, we begin the journey. Focused on just OneAmazingThing, at a time.

And “after talk”… “we walk”, together.

Join us.